C&H Maastricht Lage Kanaaldijk 115 6212 NA Maastricht The Netherlands                Phone: + 31 (0)43 325 52 62      Fax: + 31 (0)43 325 51 00 ch-maastricht@dmm-ch.com Exhibitions can be a useful marketing tool to present your products on new markets. But you want to be sure that you get a good return on your exhibition investment. Don’t just book a booth and then hope and wait that your potential customer will visits your booth. Let C&H Maastricht do the pre-exhibition marketing for you and make sure that your potential customers are invited to visit your booth.  This way you know in advance that you will speak to the right contacts and that you will have a good return on your exhibition investment. Contact C&H Maastricht today to find out how we can turn your exhibition participation into a success! References Riqian, a Chinese manufacturer of logistics equipment made of wire or mesh panels.                         In 2009 Riqian wanted to participate in the SIL Barcelona exhibition and C&H Maastricht investigated the Spanish market for distributors. C&H Maastricht made personal appointments with potential Spanish business partners and the management of Riqian on the exhibition. Every day of the exhibition Riqian knew in advance which potential new business partners were going to visit them. Rotacaster: an Australian manufacturer of unique multi directional wheels and complete trolleys. In 2011 Rotacaster participated in the A+A Messe in Düsseldorf. Previous to the exhibition C&H Maastricht researched the markets in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany to find distributors for the wheels and the range of complete trolleys and to find OEM’s that can integrate Rotacaster wheels into their own products. The market research delivered a result of 91 potential business partners. After contacting these companies 16 of them made an appointment to visit the Rotacaster booth at A+A Messe 2011. Another 20 companies were interested in a dealership, but couldn’t visit the exhibition. Next to this Rotacaster had appointments with 3 major OEM’s and leading catalogue/web companies after the exhibition. Hamada Industries Corporation: a Japanese manufacturer of material handling equipment looking to enter the US market. In 2013 Hamada participated in the ProMat exhibition in Chicago. Previous to the exhibition C&H Maastricht researched 5 US states in the area around Chicago to find suitable dealers for the Hamada products. The C&H Maastricht market research resulted in a list of more than 200 companies that could be potential dealers for Hamada. Wit this list Hamada’s new US office in Georgia started to contact and invite these potential dealers to visit their booth at ProMat 2013.